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Become a NAPA Certified Coach so that you can teach the NAPA Programs or start your own business.  


Register for a Training 

  • Each course begins with a Master Class led by your workshop leader so that your participants can experience the fun to come! 

  • The training will provide you with the fundamentals, skills, knowledge, tips, and techniques necessary to become a successful NAPA Coach and run a successful NoWalls business. 


Whether you rent space or teach at a school or a gym, the training you get from the one-day workshop will prepare you to take on your new role as a NAPA NoWalls Coach.

REGISTER EARLY to get the Early Bird price

~ Cardio Conditioning Instructor Training: Early Bird $249; Regular Price $299

~ Muscular Strength and Conditioning Workshop: Early Bird $249; Regular Price $299

~ Youth Sports and Recreation Workshop: Early Bird $349; Regular Price $399

*Early Bird pricing is available until 2 weeks prior to the training date. Regular price applies after the two week mark. Exceptions will not be made.

Sign up for the Coaches' Club

In order to be considered a certified and licensed NAPA NoWalls Coach, participants must sign up for the Coaches' Club. This provides you exclusive access to content-rich instructional emails. During your mentoring phase, your Club membership gives you access to the mentoring team, email support, and the exclusive Coaches' Club emails. NAPA print materials (punch cards, posters, templates, etc.), logos, discounts, etc.

Should a participant choose not to sign up for the membership during their training day, you have 6 months following their training day to activate this membership. Completion of the mentor phase of the training is on hold if the instructor membership has not been activated, and website access is not granted.

*The monthly Coaches' Club fee is non-refundable and cannot be shared. Group rates are not available for website access. You may cancel at any time.

*NAPA has THREE different Coaches' Clubs: Cardio Coach; Muscular Conditioning Coach; and Sports and Recreation Coach. Your first club is $25/month. Each additional club is $10/mo.


Complete the Coaching Requirements

  • Get the support you are looking for to be the best Coach you can be! 

  • Choreography, Exercises and Workout Formats, Games and Activities are provided for you specific to the training you've completed. 

  • Fitness Workshops: At the end of the training day each participant will receive feedback from their trainer which will identify strengths and skills to build on. Each participant will then take the time they need to hone their skills before submitting a video of themselves mock teaching. 

  • Sports and Rec Training: Participants have two options to complete Phase 2. 

    • Attend DAY 2 of the training. Day 1 = Education; Day 2 = Hands-on practice. ​If at the end of Day 2 your trainer feels like you would benefit from further practice, you can take advantage of the video option. 

    • Video tape a recreation session of yourself teaching a group of kids. You will be provided with a rubric showing the skills and techniques that we are looking for as you lead your Rec Session. We recommend visiting a school and asking a teacher if you can "borrow" their class to teach a PE session. To get the practice you need, we advise a minimum of 5 teaching sessions prior to filming your video. 

    • With the training that you have completed, you may use the games and activities and philosophies for activities that are not “branded.” For example, if you are a PE teacher, an after school recreation leader, or are in a situation where you are being paid by an organization to do a job where participation in that program is FREE, you may utilize everything you’ve learned AND Tandalay Curriculum to help you do your job more effectively. If you are providing a FREE program that is based on NAPA's programs, licensing requirements apply and you may use the PLAY, GO, and Tandalay All-Out-PLAY program names. 

    • If you are leading a for-pay program, then you need to complete Phase 2 of the training and join the Coaches’ Club. We are here for you every step of the way! 


Participants will work closely with our team until they are fully prepared and confident to teach their first class or session. You have a full year from the time of your training to complete this step. During this time you may repeat the training workshop if desired. 


Tools for Effective Coaching - Join the Coaches' Club

Now it’s time to COACH! While we have very specific training fundamentals, techniques, formats and philosophies that must be followed, many of our workout styles encourage both a pre-choreographed approach as well as a Freestyle Fitness approach so that you can teach with your own style as well as have pre-designed workouts. 


With the Coaches' Clubs You'll have Exclusive Access to business ideas and suggested rates for your services, and specific programming materials, advertising graphics for social media, a listing on our "Find a Program Near You" page, as well as


Cardio Club:

  • License to teach Sweat, HeartStrong, and Shake It Up workouts

  • Pre-Choreographed routines for Cardio Classes. Each song includes: 

    •  Specific and detailed notes

    •  An instructional video that walks you through the moves step-by -step

    •  A full video of the routine done in its entirety but with no music (This is due to music licensing laws).

*Due to all music laws and rights, you are required to purchase all your music for classes via any legal download.

Muscular Conditioning Club: Workout Formats and Exercise Suggestions  

  • License to teach Mettle, BodyStrong, and CaliStenix workouts

  • Each month we'll feature specific workout formats 

  • Each format includes specific exercises, along with instructions for proper form, maximum effectiveness, and safety

  • Each exercise includes guidelines for substituting the moves with your own.

Sports and Recreation Club: Comprehensive Turn-Key Curriculum for year-round Games

  • License to teach Tandalay All-Out-Play, NoWalls, P.L.A.Y. and G.R.I.T. workouts

  • Monthly structured activity plans with 25+ activities, including all activities from warm-up to cool-down

  • Vetted activities that all meet the NAPA principles for quality activity

  • Monthly recommendations for specific games and activity themes

Time to Start Changing Lives!

In order to promote quality physical activity according to the standards of excellence put forth by the National Association for Physical Activity, every Coach must be knowledgeable, inspirational, and engage in safe practices. The fundamentals presented for choreography, exercise performance, game selection, and coaching techniques must be followed 100%. If you aren't committed to teaching the workouts with the guidelines presented in your trainings, and you fail to follow these guidelines during your workouts, then your license is not valid and is automatically revoked. 

The workshop plus Coaches' Club mentorship program is designed to give you the support you need to become your best, most successful NAPA Coach. You will have access to everything you need to start your own fitness business, teach at a gym, or to crush that afterschool or home-school PE program. 

Wanting to become a quality Physical Activity Coach involves a strong work ethic and the desire and ability to follow NAPA's best practices. In no time, you will be packing your workouts and getting everyone excited about living healthy and getting fit.

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