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Let's Get Active!

Lack of physical activity is one of the leading causes for obesity, disease and premature death.


YOU can take the lead with simple yet effective solutions that are fun and rewarding for everybody.

COVID compliant P.E. with Built-In Physical Distancing!   

Implement an unbelievably comprehensive, yet delightfully simple program that infuses fun and fitness, skill and confidence, core values and best practices into a transformational movement experience with PHYSICAL DISTANCING for kids and adults of all ages and abilities. 

All-New PDPE:

"Physically Distanced" Physical Education

Turn-Key Ready-to-Go Comprehensive Physical Activity Program so that you can Change Lives and Coach Activity Sessions that YOU and your players LOVE 


PLAY:  Purposeful Learning for Active Youth. Recreational Sports and P.E. for children ages 4 and up. Kids learn confidence and movement skills while laughing and playing all the way! Perfect for all skill levels and abilities. 


G.R.I.T.: Games & Recreation via Individual Training that takes it to the next level for ages 12 and up. Players enjoy being part of a dynamic and supportive program as they increase skills, laugh through light-hearted competition, and build confidence. This all new, Covid-Adapted program is perfect for ALL levels, abilities, and experience. Practice skills and get moving while remaining physically distanced! 

Games & Recreation via Individual Training


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Physical Activity Curriculum



Increase the health and fitness of America's Youth through quality, non-traditional active recreation programs where every player builds fitness, skills, and confidence while experiencing the JOY of PLAY

Build Your Course on Solid Principles 

Tap into a proven, comprehensive, turn-key program created to take the headache out of teaching quality online PE, health, and nutrition so that you can lead your programs with no fuss, no muss, no mess and no stress!

Teachers, Kids, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, 
and Families all WIN!


Attend the Free PDPE Webinar

NAPA's Physically Distanced Physical Activity Training Webinar teaches you how to run fun and exciting recreation programs for children, youth, and adults so that you can offer quality programs that make a difference in the lives of people in your community. Start your own Programs in your community - GO PLAY OUTSIDE! 

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