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Want to help kids and adults ENJOY being more active?
Get the training, knowledge, and done-for-you programs you need to become everyone's FAVORITE COACH!

Find out how YOU can:

  • Lead Fun Effective Workouts 

  • Start a Side Gig

  • Be Your Own Boss

  • Create the Future of Your DREAMS  

Get CERTIFIED as a  Group Fitness Trainer! 

Attend the Group Fitness Trainer Certification FREE!! Sat. May 14 from 9-5 at Fresno State
Learn what it takes to become a Group Fitness Trainer so that you can help people improve their health and fall in love with fitness, fall more in love with themselves, and help YOU become their most FAVORITE Coach EVER!

Attract New Clients and Build Up Your Business when you become a Group Fitness Trainer

Do you want to​...

  • lead safe, effective, results-driven workouts that build every member's knowledge and confidence?

  • offer exclusive new services and programs that bring in more revenue?

  • attract new clients and increase member retention?

  • create a welcoming culture that keeps members coming back for more?

  • increase member excitement and satisfaction?

  • offer workouts that provide total fitness and body BALANCE so that members can lead a more balanced life?

  • help your members improve their HEALTH, prevent or reverse disease, or lose weight by offering lifestyle coaching for rapid transformation and long-term results?

  • implement exclusive small group personalized training without purchasing expensive equipment?

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Set yourself apart from the boot-campin' burpee-crazed if-it-doesn't-hurt-it-doesn't-work fitness coaches who push people too hard too soon, and instead become the EXPERT TRAINER who teaches people to take control of their health and their fitness journey while ENJOYING every step along the way!


Get CERTIFIED and help people LOVE and living HEALTHY!


You will learn how to lead individual, small-group, or large-group HEALTH-FITNESS workouts for over a DOZEN different workout styles and class formats so that you can provide a comprehensive and balanced health-fitness journey for your clients.


When you attend the HEALTH-Fitness Conference or take the online self-study course, you'll learn:

  • the four pillars that determine a successful health and fitness journey for your clients and how to create a culture that provides all FOUR!

  • the fitness elements for improved health and how to get results with a body-friendly approach that helps clients feel empowered!

  • how to teach your clients to monitor their own exercise intensity and learn to workout in the intensity zone appropriate for them

  • proper biomechanics for training safely and effectively

  • key terminology and phrases to use and NOT to use to create a comfortable, non-judgmental and supportive environment that is body-positive and age-positive so that everybody has a welcoming and enjoyable experience

  • to lead workout formats for cardio; weight training; functional fitness; abs and legs; interval workouts for HIIT, Tabata, circuit training and more!


This is YOUR TIME to transition from health warrior and fitness enthusiast into a LIFE-CHANGE LEADER!

Register NOW for FREE Certifications at Fresno State!! 

Register NOW for FREE Certifications at Fresno State!! 

X4-Health is looking for Trainers and Entrepreneurs  

Are you ready to start teaching classes? OR maybe even start your own business?

X4-Health is HIRING NAPA CERTIFIED Physical Health Specialists and Physical Activity Specialists to LEAD summer programs RIGHT NOW! If you are interested in becoming a TRAINER for health-fitness classes, or for kids social sports be sure to attend the FREE training at Fresno State on MAY 7-8! 

If YOU are interested in running your very own summer programs with the X4 programs, YOU CAN!! You can train anywhere, any hours, for any membership price you choose! It's the fastest, easiest, most affordable way to start your own business EVER! 

Offer your clients an exclusive personalized small group training experience in a safe and welcoming environment that provides an immersive exercise experience led by YOU, a Certified Physical Health Specialist with exercise formats based on science, empowerment, and support to help each member achieve their immediate and long-term goals for optimal health and wellbeing.  

X4-Health provides exercise that is effective and enjoyable for people of EVERY size, shape, and ability. 

Your members will transform their health from the inside out as they participate in small-group exercise sessions that are safe, joint-friendly, spirit-lifting, body-positive, age-positive, super-fun and confidence-building! 

X4-Health embraces a back-to-basics instructional approach that provides personalized training and individual feedback on form and technique so that every participant learns to adapt each exercise and make every workout their own. 

X4-Health exercise sessions are coached by NAPA Certified Physical Health Specialists who have completed extensive training for cardiovascular and muscular conditioning fitness training, with an emphasis on fitness for HEALTH, proper form and technique for protecting joint injury, and application of fitness principles for maximal results with minimal risk. 

X4-Health encompasses all elements of fitness training: cardio, muscular conditioning, functional fitness, core, and flexibility all in one comprehensive program so that members can know that they are reaping the health benefits of burning a ton of calories, lowering their blood cholesterol and blood pressure, boosting their metabolism and getting stronger muscles and bones, and literally getting healthy from the inside out! 

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Register NOW for FREE Certifications at Fresno State!! 

Register NOW for FREE Certifications at Fresno State!! 

As an ExRx or NoWalls licensee, you can set your own program prices and teach any of NAPA's exclusive programs under the ExRx or NoWalls brand. We suggest setting prices at a comparable rate to your local specialty studios, which tend to range from $89 to $189 per month for unlimited workouts, or between $10 and $20 per workout session.

To implement an ExRx or NoWalls program, trainers must complete the NAPA Physical Health Specialist certification course to lead the workouts, and the business owner must have a current licensing agreement in place with the National Association for Physical Activity. 


Become a Licensee and Dominate the Market

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