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Calculate Your Healthy Happy Score

This is how you earned your Happiness Points from questions 1 - 20. 


For every odd numbered question: 

a. = 1 point

b. = 2 points

c. = 3 points


Your points were calculated, then divided by 5. This gave you a score between 1 and 12. This is a reflection of your happiness level. Take this number and add it to the floor number you picked from question 21. 

Question 21: You score between 1 and 12: 1 point for the basement; 2 points for the first floor, and so on. The penthouse suite is 11 points; and the rooftop garden is 12 points. This score is a reflection of your overall satisfaction with your current life situation. 

Once you've added these two scores together, divide them by 2 to obtain your number from 1 - 12. This number reflects your spirit score and can be combined with your body score to find your health/happiness rank. 


SECTION ONE: Happiness Health

For every even numbered question: 

a. = 3 points

b. = 2 points

c. = 1  point

SECTION TWO: BMI and Waist / Height Ratio 

Your Body Mass Index was calculated using your height and weight​. Your Waist:Height ratio was determined by taking your waist in inches, then dividing by your height in inches. You can see how you ranked with the chart below. 

SECTION THREE: Fitness Scores

Burpees and Backdrops Chart

Functional Flexibility Test 

How far can you reach with your legs completely straight and your toes pointing straight to the sky,, you reached...

  • Fingertips to knees: 1 point

  • Fingertips to top third of shins: 2 points

  • Fingertips to middle of shins: 3 points

  • Fingertips to lower shins: 5 points

  • Fingertips to ankle bones/toes: 7 points

  • Fingertips to heels (knuckles to toes): 9 points

  • Palms to toes (with feet straight up): 10 points

  • Wrists to toes (with feet straight up): 11 points

  • Forearms to toes (with feet straight up): 12 points

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