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Kids Moving Incorporated

Inspiring Health and Happiness for the Kid in YOU from age 2 to 102!

Kids Moving Inc. helps bring out the kid in all of us so that we can embrace JOY in life and in movement. 


We provide the services and tools you need to provide exciting and fun fitness, recreation, physical education, and health education opportunities for kids and communities to live healthier, happier, more active lives.

Physical Education

  • Quality Standards-Rich P.E. Curriculum
  • Exclusive, Versatile, Equipment
  • ALL players gain confidence and improve skills
  • Turn-Key, Ready-to-Play, Easy to Implement
  • Thousands of Fun Games Embedded in Complete Lesson Plans
  • 48 Units; Nearly 500 Lesson Plans; Thousands of Games! 
  • UNPACKED and READY - No Prep Needed 
  • KMI is partnered with Tandalay Curriculum to provide quality PE. 

Kids Moving Incorporated (KMI) was established in 2011 to increase active movement and to combat disease and obesity through the power of positive PLAY (Purposeful Learning for Active Youth). At KMI we believe that everybody should have the opportunity to stay fit and healthy – and to have fun doing it! We work with local schools in every community to put the FUN in fitness and the JOY in play – through before, during, and after-school programs that include walking programs, intramural and recreation sports leagues, and family fitness workouts.

We all know that we should be getting 60 minutes of physical activity every day – no matter what our age, ethnicity, gender, economic level, or fitness level. In many communities there are more liquor stores than parks, health clubs are nowhere in sight, the streets are unsafe, and there are no structured programs. While we all keep hearing “60 minutes a day” and “let’s play!” from many organizations, few have the mission, vision, and resources to provide the programs and training to actually make it happen.  Our goal is to partner with as many schools and districts as possible to provide the much needed resources (people and programs) for safe, effective, affordable solutions for increased and enjoyable movement opportunities.

Kids Moving Inc provides the resources you need to start fun, effective, affordable, community-run, physical activity programs. To get the job done right, you need the right TOOLS.
We have the tools you need. 
Let's get the job done right - together!

PLAY 60 min every day

WHAT WE DO: we help you harness the enthusiasm of the fitness industry, the PLAYful atmosphere of summer camp, and the educational emphasis of P.E., and bring it all together for improved opportunities for kids, families, and neighborhood friends to join in fitness and in health, in sunshine and rain, in laughter and love—to strengthen not only our bodies, but our relationships, our lives, our happiness, and our JOY.

Let's create opportunities for healthier happier living in YOUR COMMUNITY - together. 


Hands-On Training

Training and Physical Activity Specialist Certification courses are available so that your community members can learn to be effective PE and recreation coaches. 

  • inclusive physical activity

  • group and behavior management

  • hands-on game play  

  • behavior change strategies

PE and Health Programs

  • Tandalay Curriculum with easy to follow game instructions 
  • Point, Click, and PLAY
  • Online & mobile friendly access to thousands of games
  • Minimal equipment needs
  • Maximum versatility 
  • The Lifestyle Makeover Challenge for health and fitness motivation
  • Dia-Tribes Diabetes Prevention Program and Instructor Training

Effective Equipment

  • Reduce intimidation and increase participation
  • Colorful, easy to catch, easy to throw
  • Increase success and improve skill development
  • Easy to store, affordable, FUN
  • Ask about Fluffilos! 

Case Study: West Fresno Elementary School, West Fresno Middle School, and American Union K-8. KMI was awarded a 1.7 million dollar grant to increase physical activity through physical education, community fitness programs, and increased activity opportunities such as structured recess and intramural games throughout the day. Tandalay Curriculum was implemented successfully for PE, while NoWalls Gym fitness classes were a big hit after school for parents. The Eagle PAC was implemented to inspire students to get involved not only with physical activity, but with volunteerism, taking personal initiative, and participation in fun activities on campus. As part of this program, KMI fitness tested approximately 2000 kids twice per year. 

The results have been amazing. The KMI coaches had a tremendous impact on the campus. Not only did teachers report that their students were more fit, but their behavior and attitudes in the classroom improved, self-confidence rose, and academic success is flourishing. 

Kids Moving Incorporated —

  • Building stronger, healthier, happier families!

  • Building friendships and fitness through laughter and PLAY!

For more information email

To set up a training or to order Tandalay Curriculum, please email

Kids Moving Incorporated is a partner non-profit of the National Association for Physical Activity. All donations go directly to promote and provide quality physical activity, fitness, and health education for kids and communities. 

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