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My Strategy

Time to PLAN some ACTION steps

You know what your goals are: 

  1. drink enough water

  2. eat small amounts every three hours

  3. eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables

  4. eat healthy snacks, healthy fats, and whole grains

  5. get some cardio exercise

  6. do some muscular conditioning

  7. nurture your mind and spirit

  8. get enough sleep


Now it's time to figure out what action steps you plan to take to help you achieve your goals. For each of the goals above, here is where you make pacts with yourself to help you achieve the success you so richly deserve. 

For example, if you need to drink more water perhaps a new water bottle would inspire you. Or maybe keeping some fresh lemons on hand to squeeze into your water would make it more appealing for you. 

For eating smaller meals more frequently, maybe you could brown-bag some healthy snacks to keep your metabolism purring throughout the day. 

To help yourself exercise more, maybe dressing in your workout attire right after work would help get you in the mood for some activity - or maybe call a friend and plan to meet for a walk n' shop date at the mall!

What can you do to nurture your mind and spirit? Maybe reserving time in your schedule for a hot bubble bath, or finally making time to volunteer is the perfect way to help boost your spirit.


Whatever it is that will help you achieve your success - like buying a blender to make fresh smoothies, or stopping at the market for fresh fruit instead of the gas station for junk food. List at least one step you will take to help you in each area.

Stay True to Yourself...



                ...Your Zen Awaits

Every Day in Every Way I Keep Getting Better and BETTER!

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