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Go for the GOLD standard of Physical Education with Tandalay. Experience the difference of inentionality with a program that has carefully selected every single activity to create a super fun, non-intimidating environment that not only increases fitness but is a ton of FUN for everyone! Thousands of games organized into hundreds of ready-to-teach lessons. This comprehensive, turn-key program makes for ultra easy prep and set-up. If you're ready to simpify your life while super-charging your PE time, this is the perfect solution for you! Healther Happier Kids Start Here: Learn more...

Ready to make a change in your lifestyle habits so that you can live healthier, happier, and avoid disease?   

  • The Lifestyle Challenge empowers you to take charge of your life and your daily habits with an exclusive habit-tracking software system. 

  • Earn badges and prizes for earning points as you strive for living healthier every day in every way. 

  • Enjoy social support, teamwork, camaraderie, challenges, inspiration and motivation as you join with other people on the same journey.

The Daily Pep Talk - get a little burst of inspiration in you inbox every weekday to keep you motivated and on track for your new healthier lifestyle! You'll enjoy various topics throughout the week: 

  • Motivational Monday

  • Nutri-Tuesday

  • Workout Wednesday

  • Thrive Thursday

  • Fuzzle-Day Friday

Stay inspired! It's free and easy to join...

The WorkOut For Life Physical Activity Club (aka The WOLF PAC) is and incentive based program to help you stay motivated on your health and fitness journey. Are you ready to go from weakling to warrior? By joining the WOLF PAC you become part of a family that supports YOUR SUCCESS!"For the strength of the PAC is the Wolf and the strength of the Wolf is the PAC"

Change the name "WOLF" to your own school mascot or company name to inspire your Tribe with rewards and incentives for healthy living. Every season brings a new and exciting challenge, with anytime challenges sprinkled in to keep you motivated and on track. 

You can join our pack, or be a PAC LEADER and implement your own program!

Learn more...

NoWalls promotes healthy living through an active lifestyle and nutrition education; empowers every individual to become his or her best self through self-leadership; and provides opportunities for families and communities to come together in laughter and love to play, to get fit, and to have fun building stronger relationships while building stronger bodies. Attend a training to become a certified coach and lead your own NoWalls programs!

Receive recognition for your campus, business, or institution by bringing a Physical Activity Specialist on board to add hours of activity time beyond your current offerings. Activities might include family fit-camps, intramurals, yoga, brain-body-boosters, sports leagues, etc. Need ideas for what to do? Check out Tandalay Curriculum! 

  • BRONZE - add 10 additional hours of physical activity or PowerLiving per week

  • SILVER - add 20 additional hours of physical activity or PowerLiving per week

  • GOLD - add 30 or more additional hours of physical activity or PowerLiving per week

Learn more about how YOU can be a provider or how your school can apply here...

Power Living

ALL of the programs embraced by NAPA have a built-in focus on balance of mind, body, and spirit. If you're ready to explore a little deeper into the world of self-improvement, nutrition, life balance, and a journey of personal empowerment, then THIS is the place to start. 

Courses coming soon...

  • PowerLiving is a program designed to help bring the puzzle pieces together. Explore how your self dialogue controls your choices and your life on every level. Learn how to build a strong inner core so that you can be unwavering in spirit and take control of your body - from what and when you eat to where and how you workout. Learn more...

  • Diabetes Education and Prevention Program. Developed by the CDC this is a one-year course that helps anyone learn about the things we can do to avoid disease and live healthier, happier, and disease free!

Become a Certified Fitness Professional

Get your certification and open the door to a myriad of opportunities! 

  • Start your own fitness training business

  • Help people live healthier happier lives

  • Join the NAPA group of certified trainers and enjoy ongoing support 

  • Take control of your life while helping others take control of theirs!

Certifications include: 

  • Tandalay PLAY certification with license to lead "CampPLAY" programs for kids

  • NAPA Walking Club Leader certified with license to lead "Walk it Off" clubs

  • NAPA Cardio Dance instructor certified with license to lead "Shake it Off" workouts

  • NAPA Functional Fitness & Bootcamp certified with license to lead "Rock it Off" workouts

  • Lifestyle Leader and Lifestyle Coach certification with license to lead Power Living 101 

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