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Be the Pineapple

Pineapples. Rough, funny-looking, and thorny on the outside - yet bright, cheery, and delicious on the inside. It takes a lot of insight, work and determination to get to that delicious fruit. Did you know that a pineapple takes three years to develop? Pineapples start out as flowers that grow berries that turn into pinecone looking things that eventually morph into an edible delicious fruit! And while some people avoid eating the core, it is literally the stem of the fruit that provides the nutrients, and hence is the most nutrient-dense part of the fruit.

Maybe we need to be more like a pineapple. What am I saying? Pineapples have a strong, protective, outer shell. It actually has thorns! On the inside you've got the delicious nutritious fruit, and at the core, you've got the life-blood of the fruit. We need to be more like that.

Tough on the outside, sweet on the inside, and solid strong and life-affirming at the core. We hear so much about being sensitive, and letting our walls down, and making other people happy. But first it's important to gird yourself up and get tough. To make sure your core is strong and provides you with the strength that you need to be solid through and through. When you have a strong outer shell and solid core values, then what other people say or do won't offend you. When life throws obstacles your way it won't get under your skin. Nothing can get to your insides and rot your fruit.

Know who you are. Know that you are worthy. YOU are AMAZING and STRONG and POWERFUL. Know what you stand for. Strengthen your inner core first. Your spirit, your confidence, your morals and values. When you know who you are and what you stand for, and you make your every decision based on these things, then you get more and more able to defeat outside forces. You get more and more able to withstand trials and tribulations. You get more and more able to rise to the challenge and to defeat unwelcome predators. You won't let what anyone says or does affect you on the inside. You won't let life's circumstances get you down.

Be the pineapple.

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