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Want to help kids and adults ENJOY being more active?
Get the training, knowledge, and done-for-you programs you need to become everyone's FAVORITE COACH!

National Association for Physical Activity

our NEW Coaches on Campus Program!

All trainings are held at NoWalls Fitness, 1030 Shaw Ave Suite 103, Clovis CA. Located in front of Sierra Vista Mall, right behind Golden 1 Credit Union. All trainings are HYBRID courses and require an online component to be completed prior to attending the on-site training.

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We need to CHANGE the way we COACH Fitness, Physical Education & Recreation.

  • If we were doing it RIGHT would obesity levels be at an all-time high?

  • If we were doing it RIGHT would people dread working out?

  • If we were doing it RIGHT would people rather get diabetes than workout?

  • If we were doing it RIGHT would kids try so hard to get OUT of P.E.?

  • If we were doing it RIGHT would so many young people be getting chronic disease?


There is a BETTER way. . .  
Discover How we can PLAY and TRAIN Differently for Better Results Inside and Out for EVERYbody. 

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Learn the Essential Techniques that YOU can use so that:

  • EVERY Participant ENJOYS their activity session because it is based on PRINCIPLES for success;

  • EVERY Participant Increases their fitness through vigorous yet enjoyable activities that everybody can DO without embarrassment or ridicule;

  • EVERY Participant GROWS in SKILLS and CONFIDENCE through intentional activity selection;

  • EVERY Participant WANTS to come back for the fun and camaraderie; 

  • YOUR JOB is EASIER, more FUN, more EFFECTIVE, more STRESS-FREE, and LESS time-consuming so you have more free time!   

It's a WIN, WIN, WIN!!


Experience the difference first-hand

Attend the NAforPA Physical Activity Certification Conference to find out how YOU can:

You can help people live healthier and happier with fun, friendly, enjoyable recreation and fitness programs they love.

Attend a Sports and Rec Training to enjoy a full day of hands-on PLAY and learn tips and tricks to make coaching a breeze by clicking the link below to reserve your space! 

When YOU make physical activity rewarding, non-intimidating, confidence-building, health-enhancing, calorie-torching, results-driven and super fun for EVERYONE, your people will look forward to every session, they'll get AMAZING RESULTS, and you'll be their most favorite coach EVER!

We believe that no-one should ever feel intimidated, frustrated, overwhelmed, or judged when they participate in fitness or physical education. 

That's why we've carefully created turn-key programs and trainings that provide you with the KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS you need to Coach with CONFIDENCE - even if you've never coached anything or anyone ever before!

We're with you every step of the way so that you can become everybody's FAVORITE COACH!

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Bring back the LOVE of PLAY with engaging,
rewarding, super-fun games and activities!

You can deliver the POWER of POSITIVE PLAY
with the only turn-key program of it's kind. 

When you attend a NAPA PE, Sports & Rec Training you'll be AMAZED how simple and fun coaching can be!


Enjoy a complete program that gives you extra time and less prep with complete lesson plans that are fun, easy to learn, and ultra quick to setup.


Less prep = more time for YOU and more time to PLAY!


Gain access to a proven, turn-key program created to take the stress out of teaching quality PE, recreation and sports.


No fuss, no muss, no mess, and NO STRESS! Win-Win-Win-WIN!! 


Players get to enjoy a fun, engaging PE/PA program that leads to a more active, successful life!


Fun, rewarding PE today = an active, healthy life tomorrow! 

When you attend the NAPA PE, Sports & Rec Training, you'll discover how

the WAY we PLAY matters!

What is YOUR Passion?

  • Leading Group Fitness Workouts?

  • Coaching Kids' Social Sports Clubs?

  • Helping People Get Healthy, Lose Weight, and Avoid Disease?

  • Building Your Own Health, Fitness, or Social Sports Business? 

  • Becoming a TRAINER of TRAINERS?


NAPA's turn-key programs and quality workouts and brands make it simple for you to follow your passion and become a Fitness Professional who helps people live healthier, happier lives!   

Confetti Girl

It's YOUR Time.

Outdoor Yoga

Your Clients are Waiting...

With over 50 million Americans who need to get more active and bridge the gap from couch to confident, the opportunities for you to offer classes at the park, in the gym, at a school or church near you has never been better. Help people fall in love with fitness and build their confidence with these non-intimidating new workout formats that transform bodies and help people TAKE CONTROL of their health and happiness.
The opportunities are endless, and NAPA is here to support your journey with marketing materials and support every step of the way. With people everywhere just getting back into working out after taking a COVID break, or needing to lose their COVID 19 POUNDS, they need YOU to help them get healthy! 

You will learn to coach workouts are effective and challenging; workouts that yield maximum results with minimal equipment; workouts that are easy to follow and don't include too much dancing or jumping; various workout formats that don't require getting on the ground; and workouts that are ALL knee and back friendly.

Learn to Coach Workouts that Provide Enjoyable Fitness for EVERY BODY 

YOU can start changing lives while increasing your income doing what you LOVE. 


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