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*Drop-Ins Welcome! First week FREE and then only $5.00 / class
Memberships start on your own sign-up day and are renewed each month on the same date as long as you are a member. Cancel anytime.

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NoWalls Membership
5 Classes per Month
$19 only $3.80/class*
Reg.Price = $49/mo


NoWalls Membership
9 Classes per Month
$29 only 3.22 /class*
Reg.Price = $64/mo

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NoWalls Premiere
Membership $39/mo
Reg.Price = $99/mo

Personalized Training with Your New Friendly Fitness Family!  🤗
With NoWalls Fitness you'll get personalized small group training at an affordable price so that you can get the exact workout experience you need. We've created an all-new approach to exercise with a full line of workout experiences that are truly empowering and ENJOYABLE for EVERYBODY, regardless of body type, age, or ability because we believe that no-one should ever feel intimidated, frustrated or discouraged on their quest for an active healthy lifestyle. 

Focus on ENJOYMENT and HEALTH ❤️
Our focus is on progress - not perfection. On health and happiness instead of getting a "bikini bod" or 6-pack abs. Our focus is on making physical activity ENJOYABLE by removing the unnecessary training styles that can make workouts feel frustrating and discouraging.  We keep it simple yet challenging, and easy-to-follow yet effective for burning calories, getting your health back, and getting RESULTS. 
(Yes, these workouts will help you get that bikini bod and the 6-pack, we just don't make you do burpees to get there! 😎)

Exercise that Inspires! 👊 
When you workout with NoWalls Fitness you'll feel AMAZING during your workout and you'll find that you actually look forward to your exercise time instead of dreading it. You'll have fun while you're getting awesome results, you'll meet like-minded friends, and you'll feel more confident and energetic with each and every session you attend. Finally - a workout you can ENJOY! 

Burn those Calories Instead of Burning Out 🔥
NoWalls Fitness is Better than a BootCamp because you get ALL the results with none of the stress! You'll get your heart rate to the same levels as HIIT, and get the body-toning results burpees and bear-crawls without ever getting on the ground! You'll be AMAZING at how good it can feel to get FIT!

Online or On-site to Fit Your Life  🎉
NoWalls Fitness has two ways for you to join the fun. LIVE and in-person, or online with an incremental workout program that literally starts with onesie workouts in an easy chair, and then coaches you step-by-step through over 10 different workout formats so you can discover new workouts you love with your Exercise Physiologist and Trainer, Coach Phillips.  Not only do you get an incremental, instructional, comprehensive fitness program, you get a ton of perks like motivational videos, and workout tips and techniques to help YOU become your own fitness champion!

NoWalls Fitness will help you go from 

When you're ready to go from COUCH to CONFIDENT join NoWalls Fitness. Our FlowMotion, Walk-It-Off, and Body-Boost classes are specifically and intentionally crafted to help you enjoy your workouts and ease into fitness by: 

  • keeping you off the ground

  • making the moves fun and easy to follow

  • focusing on form and technique

  • following the science to maximize RESULTS!

  • providing an online step-by-step workout program that literally takes you from your easy-chair in your pajamas to crushing those HIIT workouts one step at a time.

Indoor Zumba Class

Almost HALF of Americans have Obesity
Research shows that the BIGGEST health benefits come from getting OFF the couch (not ON the ground) and MOVING. With NoWalls Fitness you will feel better, live longer, and enjoy life MORE! 
Research also shows that 95% of diets FAIL in the long run because they are unsustainable and don't provide the tools and strategies of Lifestyle Behavior Change. If you're looking to lose weight and get healthy, PowerLiving 101 might be just the answer you're looking for!

Begin at the Beginning and see just how enjoyable exercise can be!

Take a sneak peek at a whole bunch of different workout formats!

PowerLiving 101
A Powerful Habit-Changing Course to help you Lose Weight and Live Healthily Ever After

Do you need to take control of your health and lose weight to reverse your risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes?

PowerLiving 101 is a powerful hybrid course that includes a comprehensive workout program with hundreds of videos; nutrition know-how and strategies for daily success; an emphasis on stress-reduction and total support!   It's time for you to book your ticket on a transformational expedition that will help you get your health and your confidence back for good. 

You're Worth It.
You've Only Got This One Life.

Claim Control. Unleash that Mighty Warrior Inside You!
Yes - you can unleash your beast without doing burpees - it's a mindset!  



If you want: 

  • a CLEAR pathway to health and fitness;  

  • to REVERSE your diabetes or pre-diabetes;

  • to lose weight and increase your CONFIDENCE; 

  • to eat HEALTHIER without sacrificing everything you love;

  • to feel supported, encouraged, empowered, STRONG and brave enough to know that you will succeed this time;

  • a simple, easy-to-follow, no-burpee workout plan that gently eases you into fitness so that you can stick with it; 

  • a step-by-step strategy to help you adopt healthy lifestyle habits so that you can avoid disease and premature death;

  • an experienced SHERPA to help you navigate your expedition, help you stay the course, and help to carry your burden so that you can achieve your goals... 

. . . then PowerLiving 101 is for YOU.

We've helped hundreds of people just like you to reclaim their POWER and take charge of their HEALTH.
TODAY is YOUR day!

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Take Control of Your Health 

Finally there is an alternative to traditional fitness training! Other programs "say" they're appropriate for regular people like you and me, but within the first 5 minutes they've got you busting out burpees and flipping tires! If you'd rather NOT, then join NoWalls Fitness for ENJOYABLE and EFFECTIVE Group Training!  


Within days you'll notice changes happening in your body, your spirit, and your mind. Your confidence level will soar and you'll feel more energetic and positive about yourself and your health with every single workout experience ❤️ You've Got This! 🤗

Now you can ENJOY exercise with...

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NoWalls Fitness is a WHOLE NEW approach to exercise that helps beginagainers* overcome workout anxiety and frustration.

NoWalls' Workouts make fitness ENJOYABLE; bolster CONFIDENCE; strengthen mind, body and SPIRIT; and make an active healthy lifestyle achievable for EVERY BODY.

You can even start out in your EASY-CHAIR!
See what the hype is all about!


...and Go from Couch to Confident with...

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PowerLiving 101 is a WHOLE NEW approach to lifestyle change that empowers you to overcome your challenges and start exercising and eating better by taking one small step at a time with a strategic plan and a comprehensive support network.

Turn your health around with the support, the plan, and the motivation you need to succeed.

Talk to your coach today. 


What's a BEGINAGAINER? We believe that we are all beginning anew every day and that each day brings a fresh opportunity to reinvent ourselves and BEGIN AGAIN. We're not beginners. We're BEGINAGAINERS! Every day in every way. You can OWN THIS DAY! 

What People are Saying About Coach Phillips' Online Workout Adventure:

"In this course, I have learned the value of keeping yourself active and healthy because of the beneficial factors that can bless your life! I have learned to gain the confidence to smile again. I can look at myself in the mirror without being disgusted or disappointed. That is why I am most grateful to this course for giving me the opportunity to focus on myself again. I have shown so much progress!" ~Thao

"I definitely see myself improving and my clothes don't fit as snug. I was able to accomplish my goal in lowering my blood pressure levels and that was a major health accomplishment for me personally! ~ Carol

"I really enjoy this course. I really invested my time into trying to get better everyday and use this course as motivation to do so. I even got my mother to do some workouts with me! You have made this course so fun. It is not only for beginners, but for people who need motivation like me. Thank you!" ~ Mark

What People are Saying About NoWalls Neighborhood Fitness Workouts

"This class was just GREAT! I'll go again and again! Thank you! ~Sharon

"Tried this workout and it was great! I am mostly sedentary and well, obese. I usually hate exercising. This was great and I was able to do most of it and the group was super fun! Definitely going back!" ~Sabrina


 "This class will get your heart rate going plus work your muscles. It is fun and geared for those of us who want to exercise without the constant jumping up and down. I highly recommend it. You will not be disappointed. ~Ruth

"I've only been coming to class for about a month and I am already climbing stairs and hiking stronger than ever!" ~ Mel 


begins with 

Break the cycle of frustration and defeat. 
Get started on your exciting new journey to health TODAY!

When You Complete a Training to Become a
 NoWall Fitness Coach or Lifestyle Change Sherpa 

Become a FlowMotion Instructor or Lifestyle Change Coach so that you can help your clients ease into fitness and offer your classes and coaching services anytime anywhere on your own schedule.

P.S. If you've been on a fitness journey of your own and would like to use your experience to help inspire others, THIS IS YOUR TIME to LEAD!

💛 Get Started Changing Lives Today 💛

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