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Easter Eggsercise Hunt!

BEST Easter Egg Hunt EVER! You and your students will LOVE it! This activity emphasizes teamwork and cooperation while the kids are having fun getting more fit! It just doesn't get better than that.

You'll need:

*plastic eggs - approximately one or two per player, a basket for each team to collect their eggs, things to do. KEY: have EGG CATEGORIES. Each team will OLY search for their team's egg type. For example, in the picture you'll notice there are four types of eggs: basketball, football, soccer, and baseball eggs. I'm going to play with four teams, and each team will be able to find ONLY their own type of egg. The football group has to find ALL of the football eggs, the soccer group has to find ALL of the soccer eggs (and only the soccer eggs), etc.

*tasks or challenges for EACH egg - print a set of tasks to go in each set of eggs. For example, if you have 4 teams, print 4 sheets. If you'd like a list, we started one for you with more ideas than you need!

*one bucket or easter basket for each team to collect their eggs in.

The EASTER EGGSERCISE HUNT in a nutshell (er, eggshell):

Four or more teams - each with their own color or egg design.

GOAL: to be the first team to find 12 eggs and complete all challenges.


-- Found eggs must be the color or design specific to your team.

-- Upon finding one of your team's eggs, your whole team performs the task TOGETHER or if a speaking task, each team member shares before continuing.

-- Collect your eggs as you go, keeping the task safely inside each egg.

-- Bring all 12 eggs to the instructor to collect your prize.

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